Jim and Katie

Jim and Katie are originally from London, England. They moved to Germany in 1988 and have been working with YWAM since then. All of their 4 children were born in Germany.

Jim is co-leader of this base as well as a member of the national leadership team. His main focus and passion is church planting. His vision is for a network of organic, simple churches. He also teaches regularly on the Holy Spirit and Evangelism.

Katie's teaching is also often in demand and she regularly teaches a week on Hearing God's Voice and also on Identity.

Miri and Alim

Alim comes from the Fiji Islands. He was muslim until he had an encounter with Jesus when he was about 20 years old. That is why he has a special heart for muslims.

Miriam is a real Swabian and loves to cook for Alim and the base. As a trained kindergarten teacher she wants to invest in kids.