• second largest city of Germany
  • city with the most millionaires and singles in Germany
  • green parks
  • more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam together

The slogan of Hamburg ist:

„The freedom, the old people gain,
may the posterity preserve.“


In the beginnings of the 9th century "Hammaburg" was founded as a base for missions.

In the 12th century the Elbe got more and more important and the trade in the harbor grew: corn, fabric, wood, metal and especially: beer

After the discovering of America, Hamburg became one of the most important ports in Europe and grew more and more.

Between 1850 and 1934 more than 5 million people emigrated through the harbor of Hamburg. For those, Hamburg literally was the "door to the world"!

The harbor of Hamburg is Europe's 2nd biggest seaport (after Rotterdam) and the 8th biggest world-wide.


The "most sinful mile" of the world - that is Hamburg's Reeperbahn. To most foreigners the "Reeperbahn" is even more famous than Hamburg itself.

The Reeperbahn is a long street full of brothels, clubs, bars, discos, casinos, theaters, sex shops and the official red-light district. 450 businesses and about 2000 prostitutes offer their services.

We are proud to be working alongside the Salvation Army and Mission Freedom. Mission Freedom offers a home to women who want to get out of prostitution.

... Hamburg

  • one of the highest divorce rates in Germany
  • 12 abortions a day
  • 1,300 homeless people
  • 15,000 people are addicted to illegal drugs